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In the event vehicles are to be stored for extended periods over 30 days, Aspin Storage in Redding suggests the following:
■ Apply a coat of wax to the exterior painted surfaces.
■ Make sure your gas tank is full. This will reduce the amount of water that can be absorbed by the gasoline and it also slows the rate at which it turns to varnish.
 Make sure it's well mixed and run the car for a while to make sure it's in the entire fuel system.
■ Run vehicle until engine is warm. Drain engine oil and replace filter element, refill with fresh oil.
■ Drain coolant from radiator, cylinder block and heater.
■ If freezing temperatures are expected, the battery should be removed from the vehicle and stored in a cool, dry area at above freezing temperatures
■ Do not store battery where it will be exposed to sparks or open flames, nor where it is exposed to children.
■ Place blocks under the front and rear suspension so that tires do not contact ground.
■ Remove windshield wiper arms and blades and store in vehicle. Keep cardboard on floor under engine.
For Winter storage, the following items are suggested:
■ Check for worn or loose parts (don't forget any hoses, belts or wiring).
■ Check propeller (have it rebuilt or replaced, if needed), and lubricate the propeller shaft. Fill the fuel tank(s) and add a good fuel conditioner.
■ Change gear case lubricant in the lower unit(s) - check the owner's manual for details.
For outboards
■ Disconnect the fuel line and run until the motor stops; make sure that there is water cooling the engine;
■ Check the owner's manual on the use of flush kits. Store outboards in the upright position (water should drain out this way.)
■ Change oil filter and refill (follow manufacturer's recommendations and don't forget to recycle the old oil properly)
■ Clean the boat inside and out (if possible remove electronics, life jackets, fire extinguishers, etc., and store indoors)
■ Drain all water in bilge and leave the plug out of the transom; tie it to the tiller or steering wheel as a reminder to put it back before launching next spring.
■ Cover the boat allowing for air circulation under the cover (placing ordinary mothballs inside will discourage mice or other rodents from chewing on wiring or other objects)
■ Check, repack or replace wheel bearings as necessary.
■ Check wiring, lights and brakes (if trailer is so equipped), and repair or replace if needed examine the tires and check the air pressure; tires last longer when the trailer is on blocks during storage 

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